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Which One Is Superior To Youtube and The Website in Income?

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The advantage of YouTube and Website is that both are media that can make money. If YouTube can make money by becoming YouTubers, on your Website you can make money in many ways such as being a blogger, content writer, web developer or others.

You can also place ads on your blog media, you know, not inferior to YouTube. To place an ad you can use Adwords, a tool to advertise your blog in order to reach more readers.

In addition, you can also register your blog with Adsense just like YouTube so you can make money without having to sell physical products. You only need article content or writing that is interesting for readers. The more readers, the more income you will get.

This is easier than YouTube because you only need to create article content, just write it. If you’re on YouTube, you have to make an interesting video and of course you need at least a quality camera for clear results.

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