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Trends in Disruptive Technology Indonesian 2021

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1. APN (All-photonics networks)
The APN will enable end-to-end transmission of information between the terminal and server which will enable users to perform operations in a continuous communication environment intensively using very low power.

2. Cognitive Foundation Technology (CF)
CF will connect and control all ICT systems. Centralized management and intelligent allocation of ICT resources will provide the ability to integrate a variety of sensor information.
These sensors include audio, video or other to support Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives.

3.Digital twin computing (DTC)
DTC will enable predictive analysis by integrating real and virtual worlds.
The DTC will test different environments by freely copying, combining and exchanging various digital twins of ‘things’ and people.
This information will be integrated into applications such as traffic jam prediction systems and can make accurate predictions in the area of ​​disease control.

4. Evolution of ‘citizen developer’ and automation of robotic processes
The development of low-coded or no-coded platforms allows anyone to build business applications using their company data, making it a significant differentiator for businesses.
The ‘citizen developer’ approach also takes advantage of robotic process automation to automate certain business processes, thereby enabling employees to spend time on higher-value work.

5. Quantum and edge computing
General and edge computing will usher in a new era of computing. More compute work can be done locally at the edge, than in the cloud center which can cause delays.

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