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SWAT is a tool for your improvement

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Standardized Work Analyze Tool is a tool for your improvement.This is an Application with Ms.Excel based program using MS-VBA (macro), easy to use and no installation.
This program useful for create Standardized Work Combination Table & Yamazumi Chart and analyze it so You can decide Your Improvement faster.
With video capture feature, You can take time from video and input data to Time study sheet automatically.

Features :
– Stopwatch function, observe time directly based on work name
– With video capture feature, You can analyze time motion from video and get the time then input to form directly
– Detect waiting and draw it
– Draw Takt Time line
– Save as the result as new book (non macro file)
– Easy to use
– Draw Yamazumi Chart
– Calculate Production Capacity Sheet
– You can change Header according Your Template

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