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Robot ProVIT EA Forex Trading on VPS

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1. Can determine the amount of profit you want

2. Having a complete feature can be chosen as you wish: Averaging only, Martingel only, or Hedgging | can also Averaging + Martingel

3. Can determine how much distance on each Step OP

4. Can adjust Slippage

5. Can determine the initial Lot size and next OP Lot step

6. Has an Automatic Lots Multiplier Feature

7. Can determine the number of desired OP

8. Can choose whether the Double OP (Buy & Sell) heging feature is activated or not

9. Can determine automatically the initial TP and every step the next TP can be setup the same or different

10. Can determine the achievement of the desired profit target.

11. Can choose the desired trading time automatically.

12. Can be used in 4 or 5 digit brokers

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