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Branding CV

a marketing strategy that involves strategic alliances of various brand names used together on a single product or service

is an information technology company that fulfills all the needs related to the world of computer technology ranging from IT service providers and professional IT goods sales

is a company that sells the latest fashion needs for men and women with classy products and can also request custom selected designs

is a company that aims to advance all activities or SMEs & MSMEs in the field of creative digital marketing globally

is a Food, Drink and Snack based in Surabaya, selling a variety of classy and quality cakes, fresh & crispy

is the production, trade and trade of flowers & plants. This includes care and handling, design and arrangement of flowers & plants.

Let’s Start a Cool Project!

Is to achieve the goals and objectives of the project by being aware of the previously understood limitations. In general, the limitations are the scope of work, time of work and budget of work

Holding PT

companies belonging to a group of companies. The holding company is generally formed from a limited liability company.

Is an Indonesian Production Company for production activities, which is a system, meaning that there is a mutually influencing and influencing relationship between one factor of production and another. In addition, production activities are a process, meaning that production is carried out step by step sequentially.

companies engaged in the field of Renewable Energy. Through the development of technology that continues to grow, we are trying to meet the need for alternative energy resources that can be used in a sustainable manner. We are trusted as a provider of renewable energy and our products can be used in all corners of Indonesia.


BCA : 5190808001

a/n PT Vromedia Informatika Teknologi



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