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Cloud Computing Data Security Client Server

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1. Data Protection When you have decided to use the Cloud, then you must be concerned about data protection from your Cloud provider. With what methods they do the protection so that we believe the data is safe, besides the location of data storage is also an important consideration where this has to do with the Data Center.

2. Security Control Here you have to really understand how your Cloud is accessed. And you also need to know what rules there are in the Cloud that you rent. For example who can access file A, who can access file B and so on.

3. Cloud Standards If you want to use the Cloud then you have to understand what standards your cloud provider has to offer. For example for data using ISO 27001, services using COBIT and others. By knowing this, you can easily find a solution to the problem.

4. Multi-tenancy One of the characteristics of Cloud computing is resource sharing, well how about when there are other tenants who are cheating or leaking, what is the impact on our data there, this must be considered. Because physically, our data can be in the same physical media as another.

5. Security Governance This is more about the governance policy of the service provider or you as a service user, it must be spelled out and what governance should be defined here.

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